Friday, June 25, 2010

A week of adventure

We did it! Big news from the Hunt household this morning. WE HAVE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT! Whoop, whoop! Gadisa has been with us for a week and a half and the middle of the night greets us stumbling around half asleep to make a bottle. Some nights it's been waking up twice to feed him, other nights just once. Now granted, I know a lot of 7 month olds already sleep through the night, but not our little guy (until now). All the new stuff he sees every day, the time change, the entirely different world...all of it, keeps him restless. So, when I heard the little whimpers in the baby monitor I hurried in to him and then realized it was light outside. I checked the clock and sure enough it was 6 am. I'll take it!
Our first week has been full of adventure. For all of us. We've tried out the stroller (which is a big hit), the Johnny Jump Up (not so sure about), the swing (another favorite). We like sweet potato, carrots and as of this morning LOVE pears. I adore watching him try new things. Everything is new to him. This little guy has spent months in one room. I watch him just stare at things and take them in. I love it! He's met everyone at our office, made a trip to Target, a visit to the amazing toy store downtown and visited two doctors. A lot to cram in one week.
Both his doctor's appointments went pretty well. He's tiny they say, so we were told to feed him as much as he wants. Which is good because we thought we were overfeeding him. He has a few of those pesky predicaments that children in orphanages come down with, but we are treating them. He's gaining weight quickly though. From Monday - Thursday he gained 13 oz! He had some vaccinations yesterday and it took everything in me to not cry when he did. I am quickly a very protective mommy.
The diaper situation has been interesting. Our goal was to do G Pants. They are a biodegradable insert inside of a cloth cover, but also have a cloth option. Well, the first one did not go so well. Then a good friend told me how to properly put them on. Now, I think we are rolling! It's funny how excited I am about diapers now. I did try the good, old fashioned cloth diapers and it was definitely an amateur attempt. So, I need to work on my technique. Overall, we're doing pretty well. We are ecstatic to have him home. I just look at him and become overwhelmed with happiness and amazement. I love, LOVE being his mother.


  1. so happy to hear you are all happily settling in! we loved g diapers...they were our go to for trips and outings when cloth wasn't an option. If you are going to try out cloth a good diaper and a good cover can make or break you:) hope you have fun finding your groove and figuring out what your little G is fond of.

    many restful, peaceful moments to you all!

  2. so ... we live in the same town and we have friends in common ... not to mention our beautiful children. welcome home! and i really look forward to meeting your family.