Monday, June 7, 2010

Jumping through hoops

Well, that trip to the Immigration office did not get us anywhere. Apparently, the one and ONLY person in the United States of America that can help us right now left the office early today. Really?! We were told to come back tomorrow morning and "hopefully" this person can talk to us between their scheduled appointments. All the offices we spoke to on the phone directed us to the Immigrations office in KC and this person is our only hope right now to work this out. So, we're headed back up there bright and early tomorrow morning to try and get this sorted out. The entire day has felt like the movie "Idiocracy." Seriously. It's been a very trying day to say the very least. If we can't get this worked out tomorrow, we need to cancel our Rome plans and just plan on going straight to Ethiopia. I find myself wondering how in the world this happened? One tiny little thing overlooked in someone's office and here is the situation that unfolds because of it. Considering the inconvenience this has caused, we are taking this as best as we can. Today is our 9 year anniversary of being together and we just kind of looked at each other today and took a moment to high five each other in congratulations of our relationship and kept going. Haha. I know it will get worked's just a matter of when. So, the rest of the day brings us to continuing our plans of packing. In the meantime, here are some photos of the baby's room. He's already packed!


  1. I just came across your blog and am dumbfounded. Wow.
    Sending you positive thoughts and hoping things come together QUICKLY!!!
    Hoping your rep is in tomorrow, fixes the snag and the two of you are sitting at a cafe in Rome this week. Happy 9 Years!

  2. I agree with Tam! Glad to see your update - and remember, I can be pretty bossy if you need me to hold down the fort at KC Immigration while you enjoy Rome! :) Emailing you about tomorrow...

  3. here I am totally out of the loop since I've been living in motel/moving land for the past month! I'm scrolling up but for now: I love the whole high-five celebration of your anniversary...happens a lot around here with all these littles:)