Friday, June 11, 2010


We made it to Rome! So far, we've spent most of our time sleeping. We had to wait a few hours to check into our hotel and we're so exhausted we were almost falling asleep on the stairs of a nearby church. We then decided to head to our hotel and look pathetic in the lobby so they would let us check in early. It worked! ;) The trek over here and the colds we have made us so tired so it's nice to have several complete hours of sleep. I'm just about over mine and we're hoping to fight these off before we leave for Ethiopia so we don't get the baby sick. The report so far on Rome is 1. The architecture is amazingly beautiful 2. The traffic is horrific (we saw a car hit a person on a scooter, but that appears to be an hourly occasion) 3. a must have. It's so good. The plane ride over was interesting. It was a nice practice run for adjusting to the flight home. There was a "situation" (as our flight attendants referred to it) on the plane. A woman went a little nuts and took some pills and started punching people. I kid you not! So, I suggest if you want to take a lot of pills and then start hitting people, to NOT do it when traveling internationally, as it''s not really going to work in your favor. It did keep us restless travelers preoccupied for a few hours. Well, off for some sight seeing....

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  1. I'm so glad to hear that all the paper work stuff got cleared up! rest up as much as you can (she says in her mama voice) and enjoy rome! I want to add a million exclimation marks 'cause I'm so darned excited for you guys.
    erm, interesting travel experience...holy smokes! hope the rest of your flights are less "eventful"