Sunday, June 20, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We made it home Saturday evening. It was the longest, hardest bout of traveling I have ever done. 32 straight hours of traveling from the time we left our hotel in Addis until we arrived home at our house. We felt a tired that made us sick to our stomachs. Gadisa had a rough time on the plane from Rome to DC. My mom and sisters met us at the airport and took us home. It was amazing to have them stay the night and have dinner made for us. We finally got decent sleep last night.

I would definitely recommend future travelers to make sure you are rested up before you travel. There's so much to do to prep your home and life before you make this big life adventure, but I am not kidding when I say you will be worn down to pieces globe trotting to pick up your child. I think it was especially hard because we adopted an infant who does not sleep through the night yet.

Being home feels so good! This morning I was up bright and early with the birds chirping and I sat on the porch with G. The same porch that I sat on for months and months daydreaming about him. There he was in my arms, in the rocking chair letting me soothe him and just listening to birds. It is amazing to have him home, to have him in our house. I just keep pinching myself. He has been in a wonderful mood today. He has been super smiley and I can't stop kissing him!

So... about Addis Ababa. It is eye opening. An experience we will never forget. Unfortunately, I did feel sick most of the time we were there. I was very careful about what we ate, but the pollution is very strong that it was overwhelming every time we were in a car. The people are so gentle and upbeat and they love babies! He was constantly played with by everyone. A lot of Ethiopians speak English so we were able to communicate well for the most part. We took a ton of photos. I have so much to tell Gadisa about his home country as he gets older.

We were able to check on some children for other waiting families and it felt so good to be able to update them. Our friends got their referral while we were there and we were able to visit him as well. We are so excited for them and their family. I can't wait for them to bring this beautiful, sweet boy home!!

Tomorrow we go to the doctor. There are few things we are concerned about, but hopefully they are minor. He seems to be adjusting very well. He does not have a problem letting anyone new hold him and I had planned to be hesitant about that at first, but he likes people and seems comfortable. He's such a snuggler!


  1. Can't wait to meet him! I hope the doctor's appointment goes smoothly today!