Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oliver Gadisa Lyric Hunt

Finally, our son. Blogger has not worked for me here for a few days so I'm excited to finally update the blog. We met Gadisa on Monday. He is absolutely beautiful, amazing and oh so precious. Life will never be the same. We went on Monday to do paperwork at the adoption office and they surprised us by having him there. We thought he was in the orphanage, which was where we were headed next. He was lying on the floor of the nursery when we walked in. I went in first and he greeted me with this huge smile. My heart completed melted. We have our Embassy appointment in a few hours and to our surprise this little paperwork issue that was resolved seems to be unresolved...AGAIN. Hard to believe. We are anxious to come home and just hope we are able to stay on course with leaving tomorrow night. Josh is at the adoption office right now trying to work out what the issue is.
We have learned that he is 7 months old, not 6 months. His birthday is November 10, 2009. Although, he seems tiny to me and the size of a 5 or 6 month old. He's got a cold so that's making him a little fussy. He loves to be held and cuddled. He loves his daddy! Josh can make him laugh and is so adorably cute. He also likes to watch the World Cup matches on TV, so him and his dad will definitely get along well in that sports department.
We have named him Oliver Gadisa Lyric Hunt. I have loved the name Oliver for years. Gadisa is his Ethiopian name and it's a name from the region in Ethiopia that he is from. Lyric...well, that is our tie to music. A song lyric can make you laugh, cry and soothe your soul. To us, he is Gadisa. That's how we've known him from day one. So, I think this little guy will go by both Oliver and Gadisa. A little confusing I understand, but he's just cute enough to pull off two names. So, whichever name you prefer to call him is good with us. We are so absolutely head over heels in love with him.


  1. He has htemost precious smile, great one of him and dad. blogger hasnt been working for me either, we still have fb. thanks for the update

  2. Hope it's smooth sailing with the rest of your trip. He is truly a cute little guy!

  3. k, *sniff*, you guys look so perfectly harmonious together! the perfect melody with the perfect Lyric! love it!