Thursday, June 17, 2010

US Citizenship

Well, Gadisa is now officially a US Citizen. We passed through our Embassy appointment today. Whew. He must have been nervous because as soon as it was our turn at the window (where they quiz you on the situation to confirm the adoption and give their official citizenship status) he threw up. Nice. We have both been pooped on, peed on and puked on. The triple P's. Ahh...parenthood.
We are repacking our suitcases to head home tomorrow. It's been a very long trip. I'm more than ready to get into the swing of our new life!


  1. This is fabulos!

  2. Yay!! I always say parenting is a crash course in bodily fluids, lol! have a safe flight home!

  3. Your son is too adorable. I know you are too happy to be heading back home.. Enjoy your time with you beautiful son.