Monday, June 7, 2010

Big, HUGE snag

We were informed today that the US Embassy in Ethiopia thinks our fingerprints are expired and a form desperately needed to complete our adoption was never received in their office (a form that the US Visa office is supposed to send to Ethiopia when they approve you to adopt.)
Big, major problem. We are headed to Kansas City to the Immigration offices to work this out as clearly this is a mistake and all of our paperwork states that our fingerprints do not expire until March 2011. In dealing with Immigrations in the United States NO ONE will help you unless you make an appointment to discuss your case IN PERSON. In fact, the KC Immigration office does not even list their phone number and any communication with them is online. Perfect. Right now, we are working the phones and the different angles we can to clear up this miscommunication. Since I know it's a mistake, I can only hope it can get cleared up before we leave on Wednesday. If it's not cleared up before our Embassy date on June 17, well....we won't be having an Embassy appointment if that's the case.
Extremely annoyed and frustrated right about now. I'll keep you updated.

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  1. WOW. This is horrific! Although it's pretty similar to something that happened to a friend of mine. They had to get their senator involved. Let me know what we can do - surfing for information while you are driving to and from KC? Anything!