Thursday, August 2, 2012

Long Time No Blog

Hi, blog space.  It's been awhile.  I've been doing my blog posting over at Morning Sparrow, but this space needed some update love.  G is as active and busy as ever.  He starts preschool on Monday!  Here are some photos of us making brownies yesterday.  I tried to enjoy every moment of this week with him since it was our last to hang out during the week day for awhile.  He loves to bake and is quite good in the kitchen.  I will miss our mid day week adventures, but I'm so excited for him and the experiences he will have at preschool!

DEFINITELY my kid.  Batter is one of the best food groups!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Two Has Arrived

This little boy of ours turned 2 last week.  Thursday was his birthday and Saturday was his party.  It was an exhausting day on Saturday cleaning the house and doing party prep, but Gadisa loved every moment of his party.  We had 1/2 of it at a gymnastics center and then everyone headed back to our house for some Ethiopian food and games.  Time is moving so fast.  So, so very fast.  Seems like just a second ago we were waiting for him to come home.  Waiting and wondering.  Today, our days are filled with 2 year old adventures.  I love these days.



Friday, October 28, 2011

Missing my baby

We are in Boulder, Co this week and while we have been here, Gadisa has been spending time with his Nana. We got this video from her today. I can't wait to see him tomorrow!! That scrunched up, painful look at the end...that's him smiling for us. I love it!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hey...Get Your Own!

I ran upstairs to put some laundry away and came down to G checking his email. This kid needs his own computer already!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Time for a little Gadisa update. He's growing like a weed. I keep putting clothes on him that fit just a few weeks ago and they are small now. He's also a busy bee, moving from one project to the next. Still babbling, but those words will be coming any day now. He's behind a little on his words, but understands absolutely everything we tell him. He's growing so much with being exposed to new things and people at daycare and it's so awesome to see him becoming more comfortable in new surroundings. He warms up a lot quicker to people that he wasn't so comfortable around before. It's nice for everyone to start seeing the ham this kid really is. He loves to make us laugh and I can't wait to start having conversations with him...well, ones that I can understand at least.
He's a dancing machine! Any music (toys, commercials, singing....) he starts with his dance moves. The best part is he is always coming up with new ones. Here's some new photos of this guy. Can't believe he will be turning 2 this fall!

With his aunt, Rachael, at the Renaissance Festival. I like how his face seems concerned with her touching the llama.

Hope he grows out of this phase before college.

Just a little flirting with the bakery woman is all it takes to get a free cookie.

Monday, June 13, 2011

A year to remember

Dear, Oliver Gadisa Lyric -
One year. I have seen you with my own eyes. In flesh and bone. You make me stop and see...everything. It must have been so scary to change everything you knew. Be brought to a new place where everything was different. Sounds, smells and sights. You welcomed it so gracefully. Like an old soul. Watching and taking everything in so thoughtfully. My favorite part of my day is rocking you to sleep. Music humming in the background, you snuggled into my arms silently staring at photos of your life before us on the wall as you drift to sleep. I wonder what you are thinking. I know you won't remember, but I won't let you forget. Each day with you is an honor. I hope you think we have done a decent job so far. Thank you for everything that you are and for everything that you have taught me to be. I had no idea how to be a mother until you first looked at me and simply smiled and your whole face lit up. I knew then I was put here to be yours and we would figure it out together.
Happy one year anniversary, Oliver Gadisa! We love you dearly.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Worth the Wait

We passed court a year ago today making us "official" parents. I felt like G's mama since we saw his referral photo though. The year has flown by and I just realized we started the whole process 2 years ago this month.
Everyone says it's crazy how the time just flies by.
Everyone is right.
I spent practically every waking moment with Gadisa and I have since we first saw each other. On Wednesdays, when I have a sitter for a few hours during the day, I find myself missing him and anxious to get back to this little guy. Even amid the frustrations and challenges of him (Really, need to try and unplug my computer again? What is your fascination with electrical outlets?!) I am always remembering The Wait. The hours and days of sitting in silence in his room just craving to hold him.
Everyone says it's worth the wait.
Everyone is right.