Monday, September 26, 2011


Time for a little Gadisa update. He's growing like a weed. I keep putting clothes on him that fit just a few weeks ago and they are small now. He's also a busy bee, moving from one project to the next. Still babbling, but those words will be coming any day now. He's behind a little on his words, but understands absolutely everything we tell him. He's growing so much with being exposed to new things and people at daycare and it's so awesome to see him becoming more comfortable in new surroundings. He warms up a lot quicker to people that he wasn't so comfortable around before. It's nice for everyone to start seeing the ham this kid really is. He loves to make us laugh and I can't wait to start having conversations with him...well, ones that I can understand at least.
He's a dancing machine! Any music (toys, commercials, singing....) he starts with his dance moves. The best part is he is always coming up with new ones. Here's some new photos of this guy. Can't believe he will be turning 2 this fall!

With his aunt, Rachael, at the Renaissance Festival. I like how his face seems concerned with her touching the llama.

Hope he grows out of this phase before college.

Just a little flirting with the bakery woman is all it takes to get a free cookie.

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