Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Worth the Wait

We passed court a year ago today making us "official" parents. I felt like G's mama since we saw his referral photo though. The year has flown by and I just realized we started the whole process 2 years ago this month.
Everyone says it's crazy how the time just flies by.
Everyone is right.
I spent practically every waking moment with Gadisa and I have since we first saw each other. On Wednesdays, when I have a sitter for a few hours during the day, I find myself missing him and anxious to get back to this little guy. Even amid the frustrations and challenges of him (Really, G...you need to try and unplug my computer again? What is your fascination with electrical outlets?!) I am always remembering The Wait. The hours and days of sitting in silence in his room just craving to hold him.
Everyone says it's worth the wait.
Everyone is right.

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  1. He is really growing up. You guys traveled a month before I did, so I am approaching the 2yr mark as well. He is adorable.