Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A little goes a long way

I got a tiny, teeny bit of news about our little guy. A traveling family was able to see him and check on him for us. I was worried about his eyes as his medical record says he squints his eyes. Just this little bit of an update made me so so happy! This is what made my day today:

"I talked with the nurse about him. He has gained a lot of
weight and looks very healthy. He's still small, but no squinty eyes. His eyes
are big and beautiful, he follows you and voices with his eyes. Very alert."


  1. oh mama, you must be so happy to hear he is doing well!

    oh, and you'll have a package in your arms soon also...there's a pic of another little lad on my blog♥


  2. This is great news, I hope you will looking into those big beautiful eyes soon.