Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We do NOT have to travel for court

So, we do NOT have to travel for our court date since the date was issued before or on April 9. This is a relief financially, but I also would have been a little excited to see him on April 24 for court. Let's just hope we pass court quickly.
The process of court is so that we can be granted as his legal parents by an Ethiopian judge. I've seen that it's kind of rare to pass court the first time. Most families with our agency pass by the 3rd time.
Many factors come into play for court to make you not pass. We are told that incomplete or missing paperwork on a child or MOWA not being able to be at your court date are 2 big factors of not passing court. MOWA stands for Ministry of Women's Affairs and they have to write a recommendation for approval for a family to adopt. If that's missing at court time you will not pass. Also, if a child was relinquished, someone from that child's family needs to appear in court and if they can't make it you do not pass. So...this is why there are some issues with not passing the first time. I'm seeing families get quickly rescheduled though if they do not pass, so that gives me some reassurance.
Right now, we are just focusing on April 24 and sending that date good thoughts. If we pass on that date then that should put us traveling late May / early June.


  1. Did Hope tell you the April 9th date or was that from the info Gladney sent out? I ask because AAI is reporting that families do not have to travel to court regardless of the date they were submitted - that the court has posted a sign that says that the new rule as been postponed indefinitely. However, no other agency has come out with this.

    Happy for you guys though and we'll put the date on our calendar!


  2. Hope told us that April 9 date and said we wouldn't have to travel. I haven't heard anything official regarding no travel overall for court. Let me know though if you hear anything!

  3. Good news has a way coming at just the right time. I know this was a big concern being business owners, leaving for such along and on such an emotional journey.