Thursday, March 4, 2010

Little Sweet Face

A week and half has gone by since our referral. It feels so real now that we have a referral. We're aware anything can happen, but having his little, sweet face to look at everyday fills me with the most overwhelming emotion. I am in truly in love with this little guy.
We've been thinking of names, although we will keep his Ethiopian name as part of his name. We've got one name in mind that I've always been attached to and we both really like it, so that might just be the winner. I'll share that when we pass court. It's hard to name someone that you have not met though.
On Tuesday, we got our first round of travel vaccinations. I did okay on Tuesday with them. Had a very sore arm, but yesterday it felt like I had the flu and my arms were SO sore. My whole body hurt down to my fingertips! They didn't affect Josh as much. It just is a lot of chemicals to put in your body at once and I definitely am not okay with that. However, had to be done. Our next round of shots will be in April and then we'll have a 3rd round in September. By that time, I'm sure we would have traveled by then, but the 3rd round is just good to have to keep anything at bay.
We'll be starting to get our baby room together once we get a court date and then go fully into baby prep once we pass court. No word on a court date yet. I don't expect to find out about that till maybe the end of this month or sometime in April. We've got a lot of home projects and organization to get through now so good thing we have stuff to keep us busy because I do NOT want to be finishing up things a few days before we travel. I'm trying to make this transition as smooth as possible!

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  1. Our agency has been getting court dates for about a month after referral. Hopefully yours is that quick too!