Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Somehow my blog background disappeared, but that just gave me a reason to go searching for a new one. Fine by me, as I get bored with the same design if it's up there awhile.
The last week has been full of parenting challenges for us as Gadisa transitions and changes. In the time he has been with us, we haven't had much of a schedule because we have been adjusting to just being parents and getting to know everything about our son. We didn't have a set bedtime or a nap routine. So, we've been working on that and on his end, it is not met with much excitement. I know it will get easier as we stick with it, but he is not pleased to not be the one that bosses us around anymore. He's also getting very clingy to me. I was so happy that he would let anyone hold him and didn't seem to mind new people. Now, he starts to bury his head into my shoulder out of shyness when seeing someone he doesn't know well. And holding him? Forget that. He seems to just want his parents right now. Well, mainly his mama. I know I should be so happy he's bonding with us, but I really did want him to be comfortable with family and friends. Maybe it's a phase. I know I shouldn't stress about it. Kids go through different adjustment periods of attachment. He's been going through some serious fussy/upset moments throughout the day lately. You know, that kind of "I'm so mad I'm going to arch my back and throw myself around so you can barely hold onto me" kind of moment. These are so not fun. Especially when they happen in his highchair when I'm trying to feed him. He is teething so maybe that's part of the issue on top of his schedule changing. Whatever it is, it's a little frustrating to not be able to make him happy right away. And, then those big, HUGE tears come rolling down his face and I just can't stand to watch those. As Josh pointed out today when I was telling him nothing was making him happy except me holding him, he reminded me that this little guy has seen many caretakers come and go. The people that took care of him in his first few months just one day were not there anymore. It will take time, sometimes longer than we may think, for him to realize we. are. not. going. anywhere. I think this fussiness and tantrum era is just his way of letting us know "okay, I get it. Changes are happening." Let's just hope this era works it's way out soon. On the other hand, once he is happy, boy...does that little giggle and heart stopping smile make my day!! I wanted to post a picture of this upset highchair moment as that little face sure is not happy with me. However, I had to choose between taking the photo or holding him so he didn't slide right out of that highchair. So, no photo today!


  1. first of all...wierd that you choose this background! I almost didi the same in my recent revamp...odd.

    as far as his clingyness goes, that is a good thing! a really good thing. (albeit ard for us to deal with at times) He is building attachment and you WANT that attachment to be to you, not to friends/family. Even biological kids go through this...heck, Noah is going to be 4 in October and he is still a mama's boy 80% of the time. The thing is, if he knows you will hold him for hours if thats what he needs he will be so much more secure and eventually ready and empowered to venture away from you. Sometimes, especially at this age, it helps to just invest in a good sling/ergo and carry them whilst you do you thing. eventually he'll be ready to go down and play...and his sweet little heart will be happy and full:) good luck mama...don't forget to breathe:)

  2. This all sounds so normal, so don't worry. We read an article that talked about "wonder moments" because you wonder what the heck is going on with them. Often times it's the kiddo going through a growth spurt or some sort of developmental milestone. So, hold tight and know that this all comes with the territory.