Thursday, July 29, 2010

A little of this, a little of that

I've been working on our first post placement report. We have to turn in reports on Gadisa's well being and placement with us 3 months, 6 months and 1 year after we are home. After that, then we do a report every year until he is 18. These reports get sent back to Ethiopia so they can see how their children are adjusting with their American families. This first report is technically due in September to Ethiopia, but I have to turn it into our home study agency in August so I'm working on it now. By the way, how in the world is it almost August already? Anyway, the reports asks all the basic questions of how he's adjusting, his daily routine and how we're adjusting.
I'm also working on obtaining a Kansas birth certificate and legal name change for him as well. Technically, his legal name after the adoption was completed was Gadisa Joshua Hunt. That's just how they do it when issuing his passport and birth certificate. We'll be changing that to Oliver Gadisa Lyric Hunt and need to do this in front of a judge. Gadisa and I marched ourselves up to the county courthouse yesterday to start working on this process. This journey reminded me quickly of the paperwork fiasco's we dealt with in the adoption process of getting our Dossier together. When your child is home, you so very quickly forget about the long wait and the agony of the mounds of paperwork. It all has become a blur, but quickly rushed back to me yesterday in dealing with the court. Of course, the main person who could help me stepped out to lunch the second he referred to me another lady to make some copies. So, most of my questions about the proper way to go about the name change and birth certificate were not answered. After going through the paperwork process of an adoption, I have little patience for unanswered questions or anyone that can't answer my question. I'm telling you, this paperwork wears you out! So, as I was getting fussy with frustration, so was G. We left without really getting much accomplished and had to come home and make several calls and emails to various offices to piece together all what we need to do. You would think I was the first person ever to ask about this process around here. However, I think we are on the right track now and should be able to get this done when we meet with the judge.
Aside from this process, G is sitting up! He still falls over a lot, but can actually catch himself most of the time. When he came home he didn't have the muscles developed to sit up at all, so I'm really happy he's packed on the pounds and has gotten so much healthier so quickly.
I have started to do some things for myself again. I have not wanted to leave his side, but I know it's important to do things for me and my well being. I went to yoga class this week and honestly thought that my arms and legs just might actually pop off. I hadn't been to the class since around Thanksgiving and was definitely out of tune with yoga. It was good to get back into it and I look forward to Tuesday evenings for this!
So, for the past few months I have been struggling with a decision. A decision that affects my family greatly. This morning as I was discussing this with Josh over coffee and spoon banging (G's favorite thing to do in his highchair), he said something so profound, but so very simple that has made me realize this decision will be made very soon. Why hadn't I looked at it like this before? You know that feeling when you realized how great of a friend your husband or partner can be to you? That feeling when you know how much you rely just on the friendship of your relationship. Today, I am so thankful for that. And yes, I'll be sharing that decision soon enough!

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  1. you have definitely peaked my curiosity!! hope the name change process flow a little more smoothly form here on in!

    and yoga! good for you! it is so important to avoid mama burn-out and make sure you are still being filled up. I can't wait to join dance night a week can make such a huge difference!