Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mama Friends

I am thankful for my Mama Friends. Friends that know exactly what you are going through because they've been there, done that. They get you when you vent, when you share how much you love your child, when you doubt your decisions in parenting and they are there with advice and suggestions. Mama friends are part of my village of support in raising our son. Thank you to all those wonderful ladies that told me to be happy, be REALLY really happy that he is attaching to me and starting to express he wants his mama a lot. And I really am. You are all right. I will not worry about whether he attaches to family or friends. That will come with time. When HE is ready, not me. To all my mama friends out there, I love you all!


  1. I hope I'm included in the group - we love you too! And when that boy of yours is ready, he can attach to me any day! :)

  2. Oh, but of course you are included! So good to see you tonight!

  3. So happy to finally meet you. How awesome to be so close! I am grinning looking at Gadisa's pictures. His smile is so sweet and wonderful. I am so excited to spend time with you and to watch him grow. Here's to new friends that truly know.


  4. we really do need our women hey! so glad that you are feeling affirmed! and ever so slightly jealous that you and Rebecca live near enough to eachother to become friends in "real time" ;)