Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My boys

Gadisa is 9 months old today! Just like everyone told me it would, it's going by so fast.
So, for his 9 month bday I thought I would share a little something about him and his dad.
Gadisa absolutely adores Josh. Josh can get him to giggle and squeal so much more than I can.
I adore sitting on the sidelines watching them learn things about each other and bond. They talk about sports, they listen to music...they hang out and be boys together. In the fall, Gadisa will learn a new side of his dad...Football Dad, then that will slowly transition to College Basketball Dad and then come spring/summer again, Kickball Dad. Yes, dear blog readers, my husband is a sports addict (football, soccer, college basketball, tennis, ...if competitive puzzle putting together was on TV he'd be into it). In the beginning it was not as existent as it is now. I tell him I was tricked! Now, I know it is what it is. I tell Josh that Gadisa does not like watching ESPN (insert the very annoying ESPN theme music here) and that he wants to watch the Lifetime and WE channels. Strange, he does not believe me.

So, anyways...here we are. A little family of 3. Just me and my boys. Happy 9 months, G! xoxo.

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  1. And don't forget Leon! I see him on the couch there too.

    I'm having another kid just so this next one will like me just as much as Avery likes Chris. That's the plan anyway.