Thursday, May 6, 2010


So, now it's crunch time. There is a little more paperwork to complete, we have to get the baby room ready and all those baby supplies we need. We need to figure out our travel costs, but will hold on booking anything until our Embassy date is confirmed. A family that recently passed court is in Ethiopia now and the time between them passing court and traveling was right at the 6 week mark. If that's the case for us, that puts us traveling in mid June. We have so much to do before then. Plus, we have to get everyone at our office ready to take on our tasks while we are gone. I'm still coming to terms with maternity leave. I can't imagine being able to completely turn off my email and work role for several weeks. Part of me thinks I won't want to come back and the other part of me thinks I'll have a hard time not checking in. :) Since we own the business it's definitely a tricky thing to balance. We definitely need 2 incomes. Hard to tell what's really going to happen and a lot of that depends on his adjustment when he's home. So, the saga of not really knowing what's happening continues! All we do know is we have a beautiful, amazing son waiting to come home. We are both still in a dream world. This month marks our 1 year anniversary of starting the adoption process. I admit, I do feel a little guilty for being able to pass court the first time. I follow other family's struggles as they try to pass several times. There is no rhyme or reason as to why some families pass easily while other's don't. It's just heartbreaking to hear of families still waiting to bring their children home.

This photo shows our new dining room table centerpiece. Little shoes stare back at us at each meal. A symbol of what is to come in just a few weeks. Funny thing about these shoes. Here is our conversation about them:
Josh - "Why don't these shoes have any shoe laces? Did you grab a pair that were missing laces?"
Me - "Haha! No, that's the style of them. They don't come with laces."
Josh - "Are you sure? Did the other pairs on the rack have laces?"
Me- (while laughing even harder) - "No, that's how they are made. It's stylish. Kids are wearing them like this and now they just make them without laces."
Josh - "Hmmm...that's weird. That doesn't make any sense?"
Me - "You just became a dad 2 days ago. Did you already lose your "coolness?"

Ahhh..we both got a good laugh out of that one.

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