Tuesday, May 11, 2010

June ?

We were told today in about 3 weeks we need to start making our travel arrangements. 3 weeks!!
What that means is that HOPEFULLY in about 3 weeks we will have been assigned an Embassy date, which is when we need to be in Ethiopia. Ahh, THIS is really happening! It is looking like our Embassy date will be closer to about the 6 week mark from now. That could change, but if it is, that would put us in June. June!? Next month. June is a great month and significant to us. Josh and I started dating in June. We got married in June. My middle name is June. And, I hope that this magical month of June brings us our son!


  1. That is soooo exciting. June will be a magical month...my daughter Eden was born in June...the beginning of my motherhood journey as well:)

  2. June is a great month for babies. I was born in June and my new grandson is due in June. Ya for June!!

  3. I hope you get to bring home your lil June bug home then to.