Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Crunch Time

Early morning emails are turning out to be the most wonderful news ever. It was an early morning email that informed us of passing court. Me rushing around to get ready for the day and Josh reading an email from his phone first thing in the morning. Well, today as I'm sitting there getting ready for work, once again, I am read an email full of hope and amazement.

"Dear Josh and is looking like your Embassy date will be June 17. "

We were informed this is NOT confirmed yet and we should know next week for sure. We were told do NOT pay for your airline tickets yet, but get to working on some details. So, that means we need to be in Ethiopia by Sunday, June 13....that's 3 1/2 weeks! Wow. That is so much sooner than I thought. Plus, we are spending 2 days in Europe (somewhere) on the way there. We figured we're going to have a layover that direction anyways and I've never been so why not stop for a few days?? That puts us leaving the week of June 7 and that also means we'd be with our son on our wedding anniversary on June 16. Again, WOW.

The list of to do's starts rolling around in my head. SOOO much is left to do. We have a shorter amount of time to do it in. I have a shorter amount of time to get my work world ready to hand over to someone else. Okay, breathe. We will get it done. We will be fine. One step at a time and soon, so soon, we will be with our son.

How fortunate are we if this is really our date? That's all I can keep thinking. This is sooo fast and we know it. It doesn't normally go this fast for families. We have been oh-so-fortunate on every step of the way so far. So very fortunate. So, now... it is definitely crunch time.

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  1. That is crazy exciting! time to get all your lil' ducks in a row:) This month is just flying by. hope the next 3 weeks do the same!