Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chasing peace

It's been awhile since I posted. A little too long. I was hoping that my next post, THIS post, would be our referral news. But, that's a big no. So...we keep living our lives (as if we have any other choice.) So, what have I been doing these last few weeks? Getting organized and centered. Physically, mentally and emotionally. And, it feels amazing! I've worked on my home office and it's instantly my new mecca of creativity. I have been inspired by other bloggers and crafters on Etsy to put time into myself and my creative spaces. I work on this all the time. It's a constant struggle and I have more luck with it at times than others. I am always chasing that inner peace. That bit of tranquility that will evolve me into the person I truly need to be for myself. I imagine who that person would be if I wasn't chasing all these dreams, all these aspirations. If I had HOURS in the day to really learn, explore and evolve instead of cramming it into tiny moments. I feel like when this baby arrives, I will figure all that out with him (yes, I'm calling it a him already). Kind of like it will all make sense and come together in that moment he's in our lives. I am feeling very inspired these last few weeks and at the same time I have been on a roller coaster of emotions. I had a pretty bad day last week...or maybe it was this week..or maybe it was both. I was feeling rushed to get things organized before our referral, running around like crazy until I hit a wall and realize I needed to stop and listen to my breath. So, I did. I sat there with my eyes closed in a moment of meditation and instantly I felt calm. Centered. At peace with my hectic self. I went through this array of emotion right smack in front of my computer. The one place you shouldn't be when you're looking for peace. But this..this absolutely amazing website brought it to me. I must share: Organic Spa Meditation Room. Click on Launch The Meditation Room. It reminded me to stop. Stop rushing, stop over thinking. Just live, the moments that I can.

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  1. I sooo understand that...chasing peace. Getting organized and getting centered are such good steps toward finding that peace...especially when you're aware that you need to remember to breathe. I'm attempting to organize my creative space right now beautify it and make it into my "mecca of creativity" maybe I should post pic's so people can see what chaos really is, lol!

    And by the was that way for me..."it will all make sense and come together in that moment he's in our lives." when my first daughter was born something shifted in my very core. it all DID make all DID come together in ways I could never have fathomed. Every child that has come into our lives has done the same...this place of deep love is amazing. Soon you will be here...your arms wrapped around your sweet child, your soul intertwined with his forever. it is an amazing thing!