Sunday, February 14, 2010

So Proud

I love watching the Olympics. The competition, the rooting for your country and the best part...the network TV stories of an athlete's struggle to rise above their hardship to compete. It all gets me a little misty eyed. There's just that feeling of pride you get as a citizen of your country when you hear your country's anthem playing. A respect for your country's struggles and achievements. I always think of my parents when I hear our national anthem, as they were both Marines. I felt this sense of pride while watching the opening ceremonies the other night. Each country's athletes entering the stadium, one by one. There it was was. My country's entrance. Walking proud, carrying the flag, waving to spectators. There I was clapping and cheering them on, fully aware I was caught up in a moment of being super cheesy. :) Only it wasn't my native country I was cheering on. It wasn't the country I was born, raised in and currently live. It was the country I've taken on as my other love. It was the country that I've filled my head full of stories, history and culture. Any little bit of info about it, I soak it up. It was the country of our future child. It was the country that we are fighting so hard to become a part of. It was Ethiopia entering the stadium. Before I even realized what I was doing, I was instantly seeing Ethiopia as my own country. Just like I see and cheer on the US. It made me happy, it made me proud. I have never even been to this country yet and it is already fully embedded into my heart. The colors of the flag, the name "Ethiopia." Already as familiar to my eyes, just as much as the "United States of America." I can not wait to visit. I can not wait to give our child all the information on their country's history, customs and culture. I can not wait to be an Ethiopian American family.

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  1. I can't wait to hear you have a referral ! I am so excited ! I did a post placement with my sw yesterday for my last daughter and am adopting again from her country ! I am waiting for homestudy, then fingerprint, then sumbit dossier. I have a referral ! Email me !