Friday, October 15, 2010

Cutting the crap

To do lists are never ending and mine is always excessive. We have a high maintenance lifestyle with our business and household (the 3 dogs and 2 cats definitely have something to do with it) and the projects and daily life tasks are never ending. Now that I'm home for the time being, I am able to really start crossing off this big ol' to do list. In looking at it daily, I have begun to realize how much of it is crap. Crap that I really don't need to do, don't need to have or shouldn't have gotten so out of hand in the first place (over stuffed linen closet, I'm talking to you!). Excessiveness. Clutter. Too many appointments and too little time or desire to keep them. Kindness is the reason I have kept them, but does it REALLY matter? I have decided it does not. I would rather spend my time visiting a baby on his first day of life (Welcome, Griffin!) or sending well wishes to friends leaving for Ethiopia to bring home their son (so excited for the Lovins!). I am encouraged by these moments to make life more simplistic where I can.

So, this Friday morning I am cutting the crap out of our lives. One by one, I am canceling this subscription, that service, this appointment, that membership and so on. And it feels GLORIOUS! Just glorious!

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