Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It seems like it's getting harder and harder to keep up the blog. G has me so busy because he's so mobile now. But, here is what we've been up to...Fall is here. The house is cold. The porch is bare. The plants are inside. I'm bundled up in sweaters and scarves already. It's actually colder in our house than outside.
He got his first major boo boo. I cried longer than he did. Probably because I felt so bad and couldn't catch him in time as his head hit the floor. He is pulling himself up on everything and sometimes just looses his balance.
I swear he's grown an inch in 2 weeks. His clothes are getting smaller and he's looking more like a toddler by the minute. We're struggling with some sort of reflux issue he has as he stills throws up a lot after eating and we've been seeing a chiropractor for him, but at this point I think we're going to add in some medication for him as well.

We have found a babysitter! This was a big one for us. It's so hard to like someone enough to leave your child with them. Anyways, we are thrilled with our choice and this makes me feel so secure that he is in good hands for a night out. We started our date nights last week and I couldn't remember the last time we went to a movie.

He's been around more people lately and I can see the small changes in his comfort level adjusting to new people. He likes to go out and about and see the world. I often wonder where that adventurous side will take him in life. He'll be 11 months in a few days. It is just flying by so quickly. Daily I thank the stars for being able to be home with him right now. I get lost in thought a lot about when that will change and if I will be ready for it to change when it does. And, do I WANT it to change? I never thought I would stay at home. I guess I never gave it much thought. I was supposed to go back to work in August and then August came and went and I wasn't ready. I wasn't done getting to know him and catching up on the lost time of not knowing him. What I cared about before doesn't have that priority in my life anymore. Our days at home are smoother and slower with me being here. I get to know Josh again because we don't sit around and talk about work 90% of the time. I don't really get bored. I am always finding something to keep me busy. I think about balance a lot these days. Maintaining myself and my role as a mother is a new challenge that I stumble over each day, not quite knowing where I land. However, the newness perhaps of it all is starting to dissipate as I get better at it each day. Being the organized gal that I am, we have set up mornings where we trade off on who gets him up, dressed and fed that morning. When I have the morning "off", I am able to sit down for a moment and drink my coffee and just BE. I really missed that these last few months. Morning is my favorite time of the day. When my morning moment is over, I anxiously run back downstairs and lay kisses over G's fat little cheeks. I hear his giggle and see his smile and then graciously accept what motherhood has brought to me and remember that balance is always going to be a daily struggle and to just live the moments more.

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  1. All the good mommies struggle with balance! Finding it is a big part of the journey. Ollie G's smile is so sweet and shows what a great mom you are! - Aunt Kristi