Monday, December 14, 2009

Some good news

Josh talked with our agency this morning and we are #2 on the waiting list!! We were told around the first of the year we SHOULD have a referral....maybe, just maybe around Xmas. Wow. We have been worried and concerned with issues that had arisen concerning our agency and I still have a lot of doubt and uncertainty, but we are moving ahead and staying put. We are so close. The owner of the agency is in Ethiopia right now working hands on with the orphanages to make sure things get in order and that the families waiting on the correct paperwork can get that.
We are so excited and can not wait to get this phone call. Having an idea of when helps boost our spirits so much. I'm going to focus on January and not hold my breath for a Xmas referral. I don't want to be disappointed. This way, if it does come early it will be the best Xmas ever.
Over the weekend, I saw photos of the babies in the orphanages our agency works with. Beautiful, beautiful babies and children. I can't wait for them all to find homes. I wonder if we've already seen ours. Such a weird feeling.
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  1. Wanted to say hi. I too am with Hope and am #1 waiting for referral for baby girl. I am hopingwe both get referrals in January and may travel together. Please email me @