Sunday, July 26, 2009

Home Study is wrapping up

Our home visit went really well last week. Now, our home study report is being prepared and now we are working on our Dossier....the official paperwork that the Ethiopian government will review to approve us and get us on the waiting list. We're starting to see the waiting list creep up to 11 and 12 months with our agency. It's a little discouraging, but there are families that have been waiting even longer with other agencies and there are families waiting a shorter period as well. It just varies on the agencies. I'm so impatient so this is very trying for me to imagine waiting a year or more just on the waiting list because after that, we aren't even able to travel to pick up our baby until 4 months after we get information on who they are. One more training session tomorrow night and that should wrap up our required training!

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