Sunday, November 28, 2010

A big catch up

Hello, blog land. A big "oops" on my part for my lack of posting over the last month. I really have no excuse other than lack of creativity. It happens. So, let's get started!


G was an Ewok for Halloween this year. And let me just tell you, he was absolutely adorable!


Oliver Gadisa Lyric turned 1 on November 10. We celebrated with a small family dinner at Nana's house and some sugar free homemade icing, which was a HUGE hit with him. I was both a little sad and extremely overjoyed to celebrate. My mind wandered to his birth mama and what she was going through a year ago that day. I can't believe he's now a toddler and milestones are coming fast. He's not walking yet, but will be so any moment. He has taken his first steps, however! He's testing us daily and thinks it's hilarious that we chase after him when he starts to go up the stairs or when he makes a mad crawling dash for the lamp cord. "No!" is just a laughing factor for him. Can't wait till the teenage years! ;)


And just because he's so darn is my little man, being all big sitting in the shopping cart. No more baby car seat for him. He loves sitting in the shopping cart and sitting in big boy highchairs at restaurants.


This year we have so much to be thankful for. G is in our lives. He's happy, he's healthy and he is oh-so funny. Most recently, we really were tested on how much family truly means to us. This past week we rushed down to Springfield, Mo when we got a call about Josh's dad having a heart attack. We spent all week there and feel so fortunate and blessed that his dad pulled through. Turns out his heart just stopped and he was 100% on his way out. We are thankful for technology that helped save his life. We are thankful his wife was there to help save his life. We are thankful for the wonderful care he is getting at the hospital. We are thankful more than words can describe that he is still with us today. We were told he had a 5% chance of surviving. No matter how busy we are in our daily lives, sometimes things are just out of our hands and when we loose control all we have is each other. Family, friends and the insanity and love that comes with it all. I feel blessed and full. :)

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  1. Adorable Jayhawk Costume!! LOVE IT!