Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I've got new photos to post. G is getting hard to take photos of because he's so squirmy and all over the place. He's crawling and getting very fast. Even more exciting, he's dancing! He busts a move all the time. He has quite the little moves too I must say. He is getting a great sense of humor and we are full of giggles making faces at each other and funny noises. He especially thinks it's hilarious to laugh at mom when she jumps up to get things. I mean a full belly moving laugh. And trust me when you're 5'0 tall there is a LOT of jumping to do. :)

A crisp, cool morning of porch and coffee time. A hoodie and some socks...what more could you ask for?
I think he loves the new floors and so does his mama! And look at that hair! It's growing so fast.

One of my favorite moments with my son is when he falls asleep in the sling. He is so angelic and precious and I savor these moments forever. Sometimes I just let him sleep here for awhile before I lay him down. I wonder if I can fit him in here when he's 10?

We were making faces at each other during breakfast one morning. Look at that face! I love it.


  1. So cute!! And the floors are amazing!

  2. love the pics! and his little expression in the last one, too cute! ( where did you get your super cool swing?!)

    oh, and a funny thing?, we put the same flooring in our place. so many similarities:)

  3. I ordered that swing online from a company in New Zealand. It was exactly what I was looking for. The similarities keep unfolding. I love it! :)